Building Description The Mine Factory produces mines that can destroy ground units. Mine factory
Effects of Upgrade

Upgrading Mine Factory increases the number of mines you can have in your base.

Building Group Defense Buildings
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  • You can now build a Mine Factory, use it to deploy mines that can not be seen by the enemy.
  • Upgrade the factory to deploy more mines or upgrade the mines from simple IED's to complex and destructive shaped charges!
  • Kixeye've also made it SUPER easy to replace used mines, the location you pick for each mine is remembered with a flag and you just have to click the flag in the Factory to have it replaced.

Upgrade Progression

 Level  Upgrade Cost Upgrade
 Total Mines 
Metal Oil
1 5,000 5,000 2h 3 6
2 20,000 20,000 4h 3 9
3 60,000 60,000 8h 3 12
4 180,000 180,000 16h 4 15
5 540,000 540,000 1d 8h 5 18
Total  805,000   805,000  2d 14h

States of Repair

Normal Damaged Destroyed
MineFactory1 MineFactory1.damaged MineFactory1.destroyed
100% to 50% Health 49% to 1% Health 0% Health
Total Repair Time: 10 min

Mine Factory Interface

No Flag Placed

No flag placed - mine factory
  • Click on the building (interface will be showing up/appear) and select "Place Flag" to open this slot.


Empty mine factory
  • Click to start producing a mine.


Locked - mine factory
  • Upgrade the Mine Factory to unlock.

Mine Stats

Image & Level may be merged as seen in-game.

  • IED stand for Improvised Explosion Device.




Mine In-Game Description Upgrade Cost Gold Upgrade
Production Cost Damage Construction
Metal Oil Metal Oil
Mine factory - ied
IED Patched together from improvised components. Free Free Free Free 500 500 20m
Flatiron icon mine factory
Flatiron Hidden just below the ground, explodes in a large blast when stepped on. 10,000 10,000 9 4h 800 800 20m
Claymore pic photo
Claymore A fragmentation mine that explodes into thousands of metal balls when triggered. 50,000 50,000 46 1d 1,200 1,200
Mine Factory Bouncing Betty
Bouncing Betty Shoots up into the air when tiggered, exploding at head level. 100,000 100,000 90 2d 1,850 1,850
Pic Photo Mine Factory Shaped Charge
Shaped Charge A shaped charge focuses the mine's blast, maximizing the destructive force. 250,000 250,000 4d 2,500 2,500
Total  410,000   410,000  7d 4h

Shaped Charges damage on

  • Hellfires/ Elite - 90%
  • Rhinos - 80%
  • Paladins - 50%
  • Challenger - 45%
  • Mega Tanks - 40%
  • Most other units are instantly killed excluding Hercs, Gatling Trucks, Shock Tanks, and several others such as the Suicide truck.
  • Note: These percentages are NOT 100% accurate and are rounded to the nearest percent according to the repair time per mine/total repair time.

Additional Facts

  • After building the Mine Factory, choose where you want mines to be by placing flags around your base. Equip mines by clicking on empty slots in the Mine Factory. You can tell whether mines are equipped by looking at their flags. A green flag means there's an active mine at that location. A red flag means you still need to equip one.
  • To instantly upgrade the type of mine, you may found Gold option. The Gold value may be vary. Example, before you press the Upgrade (using reso), the Gold is 46. Then once you press the button, the Gold minus 2 from 46 so you just pay 44 Gold.
  • The Mine Factory only uses power when it is producing and upgrading mines.
  • The Mine's damage seems to be by percentage rather than a fixed number.
  • Mines are a very useful base defense, so make a weak spot that enemies deploy their units their while they dont know theres a mine field there.
  • Mines leave a scar on the land where they exploded for 24 hours. Use it to predict mine locations. However your  enemy can move them to trick you, so keep that in mind.
  • Dogs can find hidden mines and activate them - but die or get hurt in the process.
  • Protect your mines with snipers to prevent dogs from digging them out. However they could get by that and use 150 level 8 riflemen (causing a lot of lag on slow computer in the process).
  • 1 dog can sniff 3 mines without dying on a level 17 rogue base.
  • Place mines where enemies deploy their ground forces regularly -- this surprises them and gives them a nice long repair time.
  • Tripped up by Mines? Send a Tank in ahead of the pack to take the brunt of the charge. Follow with more Tanks or Infantry units.

Related Missions

Mission Icon __________Mission Description__________ Awards for Completion
Metal Oil Medals
Be Mine MissionIcon-Be Mine Build a Mine Factory. 6,000 6,000 Medals-ICON-Small 0
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

In-Game Quotes

Builds Landmines which can be placed throughout your base.
  — In-game description 

The deadliest surprises lurk just beneath the surface -- watch where you step!
  — Flatirons - FB Unlock Post 

Put the info
  — R.U.B.I. - Claymore Unlock Post 

What's to fear from a mine that blows itself to tiny pieces? It's just shrapnel...buried in every inch of flesh.
  — Claymore - FB Unlock Post 

EXPLOSIONS ON A POGO STICK - Having too much fun with a Bouncing Betty results in an explosive finish, Commander.
  — R.U.B.I. - Bouncing Betty Unlock Post 

This mine does its work at eye level -- now you see it, now your brains litter the battlefield.
  — Bouncing Betty - FB Unlock Post 

Put the info
  — R.U.B.I. - Shaped Charge Unlock Post 

Put the info
  — Shaped Charge - FB Unlock Post 


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  • Will there be any changes to mines?
    • Yes. I want to get a mines improvement feature finished. Right now there aren’t enough counter-play options for mines, and the signals to the player about what is happening are also poor. We can give more gameplay to mines and improve these problems at the same time. - AMA with WC Design Team ( Aug 26, 2014 )

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