The APC Spartan is a weaker version of the Spartan ZK. which spawns from the Phalanx at certain segments of damage taken.

APC Spartans :

  • Equipped with Grenade Launcher that produce Area Damage (  ).
  • May only fire upon Ground Targets.
  • Have a Health scale based on the Phalanx’s health at the start of Combat.
  • Are Temporary and despawn at the end of an attack.
  • Units attacking the phalanx have a high chance of targeting these Spartans before killing the Phalanx when deployed

APC Spartans Deployment :

  • 2 APC Spartans are deployed at 90% / 70% / 50% / 30% / 10% of the Phalanx's Maximum Health.
    • These Spartans CANNOT be Controlled.
    • These Spartans gain levels (and power) as the Phalanx does up until level 10.
  • 6 APC Spartans are deployed when the Phalanx is destroyed.
    • These Spartans CAN be Controlled.
    • These Spartans are always at Maximum Level.
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