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Basic Info

Advanced Missions are four sets of goals given to the Player.  As the Player successfully completes each set, they are awarded the unlocking of the reward Unit

  • Advanced Missions become available to the Player once he/she has completed the Level 5 upgrade to the Command Center.
  • Each Advanced Mission consist of a set number of Level 40 Sickle Syndicate Bases which the Player must destroy. 
  • The Advanced Missions must be performed in order as the next mission only becomes available upon the completion of the previous.
  • The Advanced Missions are optional and may be preformed at the Player's leisure.  A running total is kept by R.U.B.I. and is displayed in the Mission Panel located in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Advanced Missions

Mission No Required to Complete Mission Reward Units
1 Destroy 1 Sickle Syndicate Base  Colossus
2 Complete Mission 1 / Destroy 15 Sickle Syndicate Bases Havoc
3 Complete Mission 2 / Destroy 30 Sickle Syndicate Bases Behemoth
4 Complete Mission 3 / Destroy 25 Sickle Syndicate Bases Vanguard

The Reward Units

Mission #1 Mission #2 Mission #3 Mission #4
Colossus Havoc Behemoth Vanguard


Introducing new Advanced Missions – your chance to show Sasha Kaslashnikov and the Sickle Syndicate what you’re really made of!
  — In-Game Description 

The Syndicate Stronghold never stood a chance against our firepower!
  — The progress shared on Facebook 

Additional Info

Current Sickle Syndicate Base Layouts



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War commander Sickle level 40 with basic units

War commander Sickle level 40 with basic units

War Commander Advanced Missions

War Commander Advanced Missions


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