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General Information

Area Damage is one of the five Main Damage Types produced by all non-Legacy units. The four other main damage types being : Burst Damage, Fire Damage, Plasma Damage and Sustain Damage.

Damage Characteristics

  • Area Damage is very effective against Infantry ( INFANTRY - Infantry are individually weak, but show up in large numbers. This makes them very susceptible to Area Damage, but strong against slow firing attackers that can't divide their damage. ).
  • Area Damage weapons usually fire projectiles at a slow rate.
    • Each individual projectiles causing gigantic explosions.
  • Area Damage is produced by Multi Target, Splash producing weapons.
  • Area Damage is produced typically by Indirect Fire weapons.
    • Indirect Fire travels in an Arc and does NOT require a Line of Sight to target.

Units with Area Damage Weapons

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Additional Facts


  • Area Damage switched its general Icon design with Burst Damage's original Icon. ( Ref )


Area Damage projectiles usually arc and travel slowly, but cause gigantic explosions. It is very effective against Infantry.
  — In-Game Description [src]

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