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A Call to Arms has been issued, Commander! Complete new missions to win lethal prizes including the Challenger, Elite Warhawk, and Elite Mega Tank to advance quicker towards battlefield dominance
  — Game Update: April 17th 2014 

Basic Info

Call to Arms is a Mission Chain consisting of five new Missions available for Players to preform.  As each Mission is completed the Player is awarded with the Unlocking of an increasingly more powerful Unit.

  • The first Call to Arms mission is available to all Player that are Level 8 and above.
  • The Call to Arms Mission Chain must be completed in order with the next mission only becoming available at the completion of the previous one.

The Call to Arms Missions

Mission No Mission Name Required to Complete Mission Reward Unit
1 Call to Arms - Callenger Destroy 1 Level 5 Rogue Faction Bases Challenger
2 Call to Arms - Warhawk Destroy 5 Level 10 Rogue Faction Bases Warhawk
3 Call to Arms - Mega Tank Destroy 5 Level 15 Rogue Faction Bases Mega Tank
4 Call to Arms - Elite Warhawk Destroy 5 Level 20 Rogue Faction Bases Elite Warhawk
5 Call to Arms - Elite Mega Tank Destroy 5 Level 25 or 45 Rogue Fortresses Elite Mega Tank

Mission 5 Notes::

The Reward Units

Mission #1 Mission #2 Mission #3 Mission #4 Mission #5
Challenger Warhawk Mega Tank Elite Warhawk Elite Mega Tank

Additional Info

  • Call To Arms Missions were Introduced in Game Update: April 17th, 2014.
  • The Level of Rogue Fortress the Player must destroy on Mission #5 is determined by the Players Level.
  • Players may unlock the Reward Units through the Call to Arms Missions without meeting the Minimum Tech Center Requirements.
  • Players must meet the Tech Center Requirements in order to Upgrade the unlocked Reward Units to Level 2 and beyond.
  • You do not need to enter your base to see the progress of the Call to Arms as it will be updated while you are on the World Map.

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