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Defense Buildings are one of the four Building Categories :


Defense Buildings are structures related to the Defense of the Player's Base.  

Included Buildings

Barricade Barricade(Main) Wall like structures that impede the movement of the enemy on the ground.  High level Barricades will also block line of sight incoming fire from ground Units
Bunker Bunker-Main Heavily armored structures that house and provide a level of protection to a variety of ground Units.
Defense Lab Defense Is the building responsible for the Unlocking and Upgrading of all Turrets, Missiles & Defensive Rockets
Defense Platform DefPlatform These structures are required to mount all standard Turrets used in the defense of a Player's Base.
Dragon's Teeth Dragon'sTeeth-MainPic An obstactle that impedes enemy ground Vehicles during attacks on a Player's Base.
Drone Silo DroneSilo(Main) This structure houses and deploys Drone Aircraft during enemy attacks on a Player's Base.
Go-Go Bar Go-Go Bar pic This building allows the player to call for a Rogue attack on their base to test defenses. It also provides a Damage Bonus to all Units in the Base Defense Platoon.
Heavy Platform HeavyPlatform-MainPic These structures are used to specifically support Heavy Turrets on a Player's Base.
Low Wire
LowWireEntanglement-MainPic An obstacle that impedes enemy ground Infantry during attacks on a Player's Base.
Mine Factory MineFactory(Main) This building is required to Unlock, Set and Replenish Land Mines used to defend the Player's Base against attacking Ground Units.
Missile Silo MissileSilo-Main This building produces and stores all Missiles that may be used in an attack on an enemy.
Rocket Silo RocketSilo(MainPic) This building launches one of four available specialized Defensive Rockets on attacking enemy units while providing additional air defense via a SAM Battery.
Weapons Lab WeaponsLab-MainPic This building is used to Unlock and Upgrade temporary defense structures called Bastions.
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Related Missions

Defensive Action MissionIcon-DefensiveAction Build a Defense Lab 5,000 5,000 X X
A Solid Platform Mission-Icon-defensive platform Build a Defensive Platform. 6,000 6,000 -- X
Be Mine MissionIcon-Be Mine Build an Mine Factory 6,000 6,000 X X
Enemy in Heat MissionIcon-EnemyInHeat Build an Go-Go Bar 10,000 10,000 X X
Build the Missile Silo MissionIcon-BuildTheMissileSilo Build the Missile Silo 10,000 10,000 X X
Set Up Shop MissionIcon-Set Up Shop Build the Workshop 10,000 10,000 X X
Take Cover MissionIcon-Take Cover Build a Standard Bunker 20,000 15,000 X X
Safety Check MissionIcon-Barricade Build 36 Barricades. 20,000 20,000 X X
Maginot Line in the Sand Mission-Stonghold Build a Stronghold 30,000 30,000 X X
Fly Swatter MissionIcon-Fly Swatter Build a Watchtower 30,000 30,000 X X
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

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Additional Information

  • The War Trophies tab only becomes visible after a War Trophy has been unlocked in the Event Shop.
  • Defensive buildings don't work while they're being upgraded.


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