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Military Buildings are one of the four Building Categories in War Commander:


Military Buildings are

The Buildings

Academy Academy-NonAnimated.png The Academy is where all Infantry Units are Unlocked and Upgraded.
Aircraft Hangar Aicraft Hanger(MainPic).png This Building adds additional Storage Space for the production of Aircraft which then become available to swap with existing Aircraft in the Aircraft Platoon.
Airfield Airfield pic.png The Airfield is where all Aircraft are Built, Scraped and Stored. It's level determines the amount of Aircraft that may be built and operated at one time as well as the rate they constructed and repaired.
Armory Armory-MainPic.png The Armory Allows for the Production & Storage of Additional Infantry & Vehicle Units.
Barracks Barracks(Main).png The Barracks houses all Infantry Units not assigned to a Platoon or Base Defense. But it's main function is the Training and Dismissing of all Infantry Units. It's level determines the time it takes to Train and Repair Infantry Units.
Helipad Helipad-MainPic.png Build additional Helicopters in your Helipad. Adds an extra Helicopter Platoon. Only helicopters can be added to this platoon.
Mercenary Camp Mercenary Camp-BuildingMenuPic.png The Mercenary Camp is where all Producing, Upgrading and Storing all Mercenary Mechs
Radio Tower RadioTower(Main).png Lets the Player input their E-Mail in order to receive attack notifications and game news.
Storage Storage(Main).png Allows the Player to Create, Manage, Deploy and Repair Platoons. It's level determines the Total Infantry and Vehicle Unit Capacity, Platoon Capacity and the number of Platoons that may be deployed on the Sector Map a any one time.
Tech Center TechCenter(Main).png The Tech Center is where all Land Vehicles and Air Units are Unlocked and Upgraded.
War Factory War Factory.png The War Factory's main function is the Building and Scraping of all Land Vehicles. It's level determines the time it takes to Build and Repair the Land Vehicles.
Workshop Workshop(Main).png >This Building is where Unit Customization is done. Upgrading gives access to new customizations.
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Related Missions

Open Communication MissionIcon-RadioTower.png Build a Radio Tower. 2,000 2,000 X X
Ivy League MissionIcon-1-Basic Training.png Upgrade Academy to Level 2. 3,000 3,000 X X
Production Chaos MissionIcon-ProductionChaos.png Build a War Factory. 6,000 3,000 X
Basic Training MissionIcon-1-Basic Training.png Build a Academy. 6,000 6,000 X X
War 2.0 MissionIcon-War2.0.png Build a Tech Center. 6,000 6,000 X X
Take Flight MissionIcon-Take Flight.jpg Build a Airfield. 8,000 6,000 X X
Set Up Shop MissionIcon-Set Up Shop.jpg Build a Workshops. 10,000 10,000 X X
Trash to Treasure MissionIcon-Trash to Treasure.png Build a Junkyard. ? ?
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

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