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War Trophies are one of the four Building Categories in War Commander:


War Trophies are purely ornamental structures that commemorate a commander's achievement during a specific Special Event.

The Buildings

Cerberus Trophy BattleTrophy3 Operation: Cerberus Trophy
Cerberus 2 Trophy Cerberus2-Trophy-HeaderPic Operation: Cerberus 2 Trophy
Iron March Trophy IronMarch-Trophy-HeaderPic Operation: Iron March Trophy
Iron Reign Trophy IronReign-Trophy-HeaderPic Operation: Iron Reign Trophy
Iron Lord Trophy IronLord-Trophy-HeaderPic Operation: Iron Lord Trophy
Undead Swarm Trophy UndeadSwarm-Trophy-HeaderPic Operation: Undead Swarm Trophy
Dragon's Oath Trophy DragonsOath-TrophyBanner-LargePic Operation: Dragon's Oath Trophy
Operation: Inferno War Trophy Inferno-TrophyBanner-LargePic Operation: Inferno Trophy
Operation: Afterburn Trophy Afterburn-Trophy-LargePic-NoShadow Operation: Afterburn Trophy
Scorched Earth Trophy ScorchedEarth-TrophyBanner-LargePic Operation: Scorched Earth Trophy
Genesis War Trophy Genesis-Trophy-(NoShadow) Genesis Trophy
Covenant War Trophy CovenantTrophy(NoShadow)-LargePic Covenant Trophy
Revelation War Trophy RevelationWarTrophy-LargePic Revelation Trophy
Rapture Trophy RaptureTrophy-TinyPic Rapture Trophy
Nighthawk Down NighthawkTrophy-TinyPic Operation: Nighthawk Trophy
Target Practice TargetPractice-TinyPic Operation: Nightmare Trophy
No Stone Unturned NoStoneUnturned-TinyPic Operation: Nightfall Trophy
Night's End War Trophy NightsEndWarTrophy Operation: Night's End Trophy
Golden Spoils War Trophy GoldenSpoilsWarTrophy-LargePic Operation: Wildfire Trophy
X-Missed Miracle X-MissedMiracle-Animated Operation: Frostbite Trophy
Aftermath War Trophy AftermathWarTrophy-LargePic Operation: Aftermath Trophy
Inferno Totem InfernoTotem-LargePic Operation: Remnants Trophy
Volatiles Container VolatilesContainer-LargePic Operation: Descent Trophy
Broken Dreams War Trophy BrokenDreamsWarTrophy Operation: Isolation Trophy
The Big Five O BigFiveO-MainPic Operation: Retribution Trophy
Golden God GoldenGod-LargePic Operation: Omega Trophy
Drone Mobile DroneMobile-MainPic Operation: Stormfront Trophy
Titan's Fall Titan'sFall-LargePic Operation: Dogs of War Trophy
Death From Above DeathFromAbove-MainPic Operation: Death From Above Trophy
Death From Below DeathFromBelow-MainPic Operation: Death From Below Trophy
Nightmare From Below DeathFromBelow-MainPic Nightmare: Death From Below Trophy
Unholy Alliance UnholyAlliance-MainPic Operation: Unholy Alliance Trophy
The Righteous TheRighteous-MainPic Operation: The Righteous Ones Trophy
Brother's Wrath Brother'sWrath-MainPic Operation: Brother's Wrath Trophy
The New Age TheNewAge-MainPic Operation: The New Age Trophy
Roadkill Roadkill-MainPic Operation: Roadkill Trophy
Smoke and Mirrors SmokeAndMirrors-MainPic Operation: Smoke and Mirrors Trophy
The Greater Good TheGreaterGood-MainPic Operation: The Greater Good Trophy
Into Chaos IntoChaos-MainPic Operation: Into Chaos Trophy
Nightmare Into Chaos NightmareIntoChaos-MainPic Nightmare: Into Chaos Trophy
True Believers Trophy TrueBelieversTrophy-MainPic Operation: True Believers Trophy
Blind Faith BlindFaith-MainPic Operation: Blind Faith Trophy
The Divide TheDivide-MainPic Operation: The Divide Trophy
Resurrection Resurrection-MainPic Operation: Resurrection Trophy
Nightmare Resurrection NightmareReserection-MainPic Nightmare: Resurrection Trophy
Thorium Rush ThoriumRush-MainPic Operation: Thorium Rush Trophy
Espionage Espionage-MainPic Operation: Espionage Trophy
Thorium Heart ThoriumHeart-MainPic Operation: The Source of Power Trophy
The Road To Hell RoadtoHell-MainPic Operation: The Road to Hell Trophy
Dreams Of The Machine God DreamsOfTheMachineGod-MainPic Operation: Dreams of the Machine God Trophy
Sins of Our Fathers SinsOfOurFathers-MainPic Operation: Sins of Our Fathers Trophy
Source Code SourceCode-MainPic Operation: Source Code Trophy
Deus Ex Machina DeusExMachina-MainPic Operation: Deus Ex Machina Trophy
Rising Sun RisingSun-MainPic Operation: Rising Sun Trophy
Heatwave Heatwave-MainPic Operation: Heatwave Trophy
Meltdown Meltdown-MainPic Operation: Meltdown Trophy
Burning Dead BurningDead-MainPic Operation: Burning Dead Trophy
Nightmare Burning Dead NightmareBurningDead-MainPic Nightmare: Burning Dead Trophy
Wargames Wargames-MainPic Operation: Wargames Trophy
Red Exodus RedExodus-MainPic Operation: Red Exodus Trophy
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis-MainPic Operation: Metamorphosis Trophy
Red Revelation RedRevelation-MainPic Operation: Red Revelation Trophy
Righteous Return RighteousReturn-MainPic Operation: Righteous Return Trophy
Great Awakening GreatAwakening-MainPic Operation: Great Awakening Trophy
Deliverance Deliverance-MainPic Operation: Deliverance Trophy
Final Reckoning FinalReckoning-MainPic Operation: Final Reckoning Trophy
Faithful Resolve FaithfulResolve-MainPic Operation: Final Reckoning Trophy
Wargames 2 WarGames2-MainPic Operation: Wargames 2 Trophy
Solitude ( Corpus ) Solitude(Corpus)-MainPic Operation: Solitude Trophy
Solitude ( Sentinels ) Solitude(Sentinels)-MainPic Operation: Solitude Trophy
Solitude ( Survivors ) Solitude(Survivors)-MainPic Operation: Solitude Trophy
Shattered Alliance ( Corpus ) ShatteredAlliance(Corpus)-MainPic Operation: Shattered Alliance Trophy
Shattered Alliance ( Sentinels ) ShatteredAlliance(Sentinels)-MainPic Operation: Shattered Alliance Trophy
Shattered Alliance ( Survivors ) ShatteredAlliance(Survivors)-MainPic Operation: Shattered Alliance Trophy
Dead Fall DeadFall-MainPic Operation: Dead Fall Trophy
Nightmare Dead Fall NightmareDeadFall-MainPic Nightmare: Dead Fall Trophy
War of Shadows WarOfShadows-MainPic Operation: War of Shadows Trophy
Smoke and Shadow SmokeAndShadow-MainPic Operation: Smoke and Shadow Trophy
Agents of Chaos AgentsOfChaos-MainPic Operation: Agents of Chaos Trophy
Monument of War Monument Of War Commemorates all the Special Events of 2014
Onslaught Trophy OnslaughtTrophy-TinyPic Onslaught
Winter Onslaught Trophy WinterOnslaughtTrophy-LargePic Winter Onslaught
Burning Desire HordeOnslaughtTrophy-LargePic Horde Onslaught
Silver Skull Trophy SilverSkullTrophy-LargePic Silver Skull Onslaught
Gold Skull Trophy GoldSkullTrophy-LargePic Silver Skull Onslaught
Death's Monument Death'sMonumentTrophy-MainPic Monumental Death Onslaught
Monumental Death Death'sMonumentTrophy-2-MainPic Monumental Death Onslaught
Hound Roast HoundRoast-MainPic Hound Roast Onslaught
Thorium Inspector ThoriumInspector-LargePic Purple Gold Onslaught
Tribute To The Undead TributeToTheUndead-MainPic Zombie Invasion
Invasion Gold InvasionGold-MainPic Invasion #1
Invasion Silver InvasionSilver-MainPic Invasion #1
Invasion Bronze InvasionBronze-MainPic Invasion #1
PvP Diamond Trophy PvPDiamondTrophy-MainPic Infamy Pre-Season
PvP Gold Trophy PvPGoldTrophy-MainPic Infamy Pre-Season
Top of the World TopOfTheWorld-LargePic Infamy Pre-Season 2
Out For Blood OutForBloodTrophy-MainPic Warpath
Blood From A Stone BloodFromAStoneTrophy-MainPic Warpath
Blood and Thorium BloodAndThorium-MainPic Warpath 2
2 Blood and 2 Thorium 2BloodAnd2Thorium-MainPic Warpath 2
Bare Knuckles BareKnuckles-MainPic Warpath 3
Bloody Knuckles BloodyKnuckles-MainPic Warpath 3
Bare Knuckles 4 BareKnuckles4-MainPic Warpath 7
Bloody Knuckles 4 BloodyKnuckles4-MainPic Warpath 7
Bowl of Thorium BowlOfThorium-MainPic Warpath 8
Bowl of Blood BowlOfBlood-MainPic Warpath 8
Proof of Valor ProofOfValor-MainPic Warpath 9
A Hero's Proof AHero'sProof-MainPic Warpath 9
2 Bowls of Thorium TwoBowlsOfThorium-MainPic Warpath Ultra
2 Bowls of Blood TwoBowlsOfBlood-MainPic Warpath Ultra
Chest of Thorium ChestOfThorium-MainPic Warpath Ultra 2
Bloody Chest BloodyChest-MainPic Warpath Ultra 2
Hidden Egg HiddenEgg-MainPic Easter Spacial 2017
Welcome to Earth WelcomeToEarth-MainPic Independence Day Spacial 2017
Close Encounter CloseEncounter-MainPic Independence Day Spacial 2018
All Trophies Listed in Order of Release.

Update History

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  • No Further Updates.

Additional Information

  • War Trophies preform no actual in game function and are purely ornamental.
  • War Trophies can NOT be Targeted or Destroyed by any attacking Enemy Unit.
  • War Trophies do NOT effect the path of enemy units as other buildings do.
  • War Trophies may be placed anywhere in a Player's Base, both inside and outside the base's Building Zone.
  • War Trophies may individually be Removed or "STASHED" from a Player's Base at any time.
  • War Trophies that have been "STASHED" may be again be placed in the Player's Base at will.


  • The War Trophies Tab on the Buildings Menu is only visible if a War Trophy is owned.
  • Most War Trophies are slightly animated.
  • War Trophies may be used to control the flow of attacking units beyond the Barricades.
    • Enemy Units may not pass through or destroy trophies.
  • Most War Trophies are slightly animated.
  • War Trophies can also be called "Conquest Trophies" ( Ref )

Firsts & Records

  • War Commander First :
    • First Sub-Category to be added to the Buildings Category  - Buildings - War Trophy
    • First Buildings Category with Buildings that can be Removed ( Stashed ) after Placed - Buildings - War Trophy

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        T )      ( C ) GENERAL ( EDIT )        
Command Center
        C ) RESOURCE ( EDIT )        
Metal Factory    Metal Storage    Oil Pump    Oil Storage    Power Plant    Thorium Mine    Thorium Vault
GEN II Deep Reactor    Fusion Tower    Metal Forge    Oil Derrick
        C ) MILITARY ( EDIT )        
Academy    Aircraft Hangar    Airfield    Armory    Barracks    Helipad    Mercenary Camp    Radio Tower    Storage    Tech Center    War Factory    Weapons Lab    Workshop
Missile Defense Bastion    Orbital Hammer    Tesla Tower
        C ) DEFENSE ( EDIT )        
Barricade    Bunker    Defense Lab    Defense Platform    Drone Silo    Go-Go Bar    Heavy Platform    Mine Factory    Missile Silo    Rocket Silo
Standard Bunker    Stronghold    Watchtower
Airborne Platform    Armored Platform    Insulated Platform    Reinforced Platform
GEN II Flying Platform    Plated Platform    Resistor Platform
Heavy Platform    Floating Heavy Platform    Insulated Heavy Platform    Reinforced Heavy Platform
Dragon's Teeth    Low Wire Entanglement
        C ) DEFENSE TURRETS ( EDIT )        
AA Ion    AA Plasma    Avalanche    Cryo Cannon    Fire Bomb Artillery    Flak Gun    Flame Cannon    Hellfire    Ion    Laser    Machine Gun    Microwave    Mortar    Napalm    Plasma    Rocket Barrage    Shock
FACTION Leadstorm  Corpus-Mini-ICON )    Sledge  Survivors-Mini-ICON )    Upholder  Sentinels-Mini-ICON )
Absorption Turret    Bracing Turret    Fortification Turret    Fusion Turret    Telemetry Turret    Viral Turret
Blitz    Flood    Shield Generator    Stealth Generator    Storm
Heavy Flak    Hunter Missile Turret    Overwatch Launcher    Rail Launcher
        C ) TROPHIES ( EDIT )        
Cerberus Trophy    Cerberus 2 Trophy    Iron March Trophy    Iron Reign Trophy    Iron Lord Trophy    Undead Swarm Trophy    Dragon's Oath Trophy    Operation: Inferno War Trophy    Operation: Afterburn Trophy    Scorched Earth Trophy    Genesis War Trophy    Covenant War Trophy    Revelation War Trophy    Rapture Trophy    Nighthawk Down    Targe Practice    No Stone Unturned    Night's End War Trophy    Golden Spoils War Trophy    X-Missed Miracle    Aftermath War Trophy    Inferno Totem    Volatiles Container    Broken Dreams War Trophy    The Big Five O    Golden God    Drone Mobile    Titan's Fall    Death From Above    Death From Below    Nightmare From Below    Unholy Alliance    The Righteous    Brother's Wrath    The New Age    Roadkill    Smoke and Mirrors    The Greater Good    Into Chaos    Nightmare Into Chaos    True Believers Trophy    Blind Faith    The Divide    Resurrection    Nightmare Resurrection    Thorium Rush    Espionage    Thorium Heart    The Road To Hell    Dreams Of the Machine God    Sins of Our Fathers    Source Code    Deus Ex Machina    Rising Sun    Heatwave    Meltdown    Burning Dead    Nightmare Burning Dead    Wargames    Red Exodus    Metamorphosis    Red Revelation    Righteous Return    Great Awakening    Deliverance    Final Reckoning    Wargames 2    Solitude (Corpus)    Solitude (Sentinels)    Solitude (Survivors)    Shattered Alliance (Corpus)    Shattered Alliance (Sentinels)    Shattered Alliance (Survivors)    Dead Fall    Nightmare Dead Fall
Monument of War    Onslaught Trophy    Winter Onslaught Trophy    Burning Desire    Silver Skull Trophy    Gold Skull Trophy    Death's Monument    Monumental Death    Hound Roast    Thorium Inspector    Tribute To The Undead    Invasion Gold    Invasion Silver    Invasion Bronze
Diamond Trophy    Gold Trophy    Top of the World
Out For Blood    Blood From A Stone    Blood and Thorium    2 Blood and 2 Thorium    Bare Knuckles    Bloody Knuckles    Bare Knuckles 4    Bloody Knuckles 4    Bowl of Thorium    Bowl of Blood    Proof of Valor    A Hero's Proof    2 Bowls of Thorium    2 Bowls of Blood    Chest of Thorium    Bloody Chest
Hidden Egg    Welcome to Earth    Close Encounter
Junkyard ( Retired )    Repair Shop ( Unreleased )    War Room ( Retired )

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