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Introduced & The Mech Mercenary Leader


The Mercenary Leader before stepping out of the shadows

The Mercenary Mech's were introduced in Operation: Iron March which launched on the 24th July 2014, and ended 30th July.

The Mercenary Mech's seemed to be under the control of a shadowy, unknown leader. It is unknown why this mysterious figure is supporting your cause rather than the Rogue Factions.

Later on in Operation: Iron Lord, the Mech Mercenary Leader, name, Goro Tazaki, finally steped out of the shadows to reveal himself as the leader of the remnents of a lost Rogue Faction, The Ryu-Kai.

General Infomation

Mercenary Mech's are a new variant of Mechanised Infantry that behave differently from other Mech Units, such as the Hercules and Gladiator Mech's, in the game.

The main difference is the method of deployment used to send these units into battle. Unlike other Units, the Mecernary Mech's are deployed into the battle via "Drop Pods," which allows them to be sent into Battle against Island Bases. The Drop Pods also enable Mercenaries to deployed literally anywhere on the Battlefield, except for in Island Bases on the water and on the mountains in Fortress bases.

Another difference between the Mercenaries and standard Infrantry is that, despite each one meant for certain situations, all of them having a certain level of usage in any scenario. One example is how ALL Merceneries can target Aircraft.


The Mercenary Camp

A third difference between Mercenaries and standard Units is they are built and upgraded in an entirely seperate building to Standard Units. Mercenaries are built and upgraded in the Mercenary Camp.

And fourth and final difference that seperates standard Infantry and the Mercenaries is that all Mercenaries, both Standard and Elite, have an immunity to the Shock Status Effect.

All Mercenaries can be controlled on the Battlefield like standard Infantry , Vehicles and Aircraft .

Once deployed they are lost from a players inventory, and must be rebuilt to use them again.

You can adjust the type and number built, but 100% of available Mercenaries are deployed when used.

All deployed Mercenaries are lost when the player ends attack.

A player can deploy a full strength platoon of 1500 space in addition to the Mercenaries. Normal platoon space is not restricted.

All three Mercenary types can strike ground and air targets. the Maruaders damage filter is Best for infantry the Wreckers damage filter is Best for Buildings the Strikers damage filter is BEST for all targets.


And each Mercenary has a Unique Function, meaning there is an ideal Mercenary for any situation.

The Marauder is an all-rounder Merc, able to attack both air and ground units with its Machine Guns.

The Wrecker utilizes Mini-Rockets which have the ability to arc over walls, an ability not shared by any other Mercenary, making it perfect to launch attacks at enemy Buildings and Vehicles. And whilst it does not specialize against infantry or aircraft, its rockets do splash damage meaning it can be quite effective for taking out clusters of enemy units like Last Stand Defenders or Drone Silo Drones.

The Striker has powerful Lasers that not only can target air and ground Units, but specialize against ALL types of targets, making it the most powerful of all the Mercenaries. Building them requires Thorium. 

In addition to having their own specialities, each Mercenary Mech has an Elite Variant, the enchancement of which increases the firing rate of each Mercenary. However, the Marauder Mercenary also gains the Unique ability to apply the Corrosion Status Effect. No other Elite Mercenary applies a status effect of any kind.

Known Game Issues

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Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Feature. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

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Existing Known Bugs :

*If you notice a new issue not listed above, please contact support here .

Resolved Bugs :

  • Mercs take up Infantry/Vehicle capacity while being built.

Forum Discussion Links :

  • Kixeye Forum Thread : (Official)


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