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The Cricket is a Red Lokust unit, present only on Red Lokust event and Special Ops base. It debuted on the 85th Special Event, Operation: Red Exodus, along with the Hermit Ultra Tank. The sprites for this unit date back since the game's inception as the UH-60 Chopper, but remained unused for over seven years. This unit design is unique, and has the specifications of a modern Faction Era unit despite its size.

This unit is a helicopter which targets both ground and air units. It shoots pink bullets which deal Sustain damage. They can also be spawned when Red Lokust Command Centers and Lab Buildings get damaged or destroyed - the destruction of each of these buildings can spawn over 10 of them.

This unit is quite dangerous despite its appearance as it requires a considerable amount of damage to take down, and they are also very effective against light vehicles and infantry.

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