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Scouting Report

Scouts have observed the H.I.V.E. Boss and have gathered the following information (Attention-2-ICON.png) :

    • The H.I.V.E. Boss is a Boss version of the H.I.V.E. Unique Unit for the Corpus ( Faction : CORPUS - Corpus Technologies is a private corporation with its own personal army. They fight to gain control of the Sector's precious resources. ) Faction.
      • Has very High Health
      • Fast Movement Speed
      • Very Long Range
    • Mobile Drone Factory :
      • The H.I.V.E. Boss is capable of producing Drones to aid the H.I.V.E. Boss during combat.
        • See Below for more information.
    • Immunity - The H.I.V.E. Boss is immune to the following Status Effects : SHOCK STATUS EFFECT : Renders all affected targets unable to Move or Fire Weapons for the duration of the Effect.    CRYO STATUS EFFECT : Affected Targets experience a Decreases in Movement Speed for the duration of the Effect. • No direct Damage to the Target is caused by this Effect itself.    NAPALM STATUS EFFECT : Affected targets recieve a Time Released Damage over the duration of the Effect.    CORROSION STATUS EFFECT : Casues all affectd Targets to recieve an Increase in Damage Taken from all sources for the duration of the effect. • Corrosion also causes its own Time Released Damage over the duration of the effect.    SCRAMBLE STATUS EFFECT : Renders all affected Units unable to Fire Weapons for the duration of the Effect.    PLAGUE STATUS EFFECT : Affected Buildings produce NPC Zombies as Last Stand Defenders which fight for the Attacker. • Affected Infantry & Vehicles will aslo produce a single Zombie which will also fight for the Attacker.    TURNCOAT STATUS EFFECT: Causes all affected Units to turn and attack non-affected allied units for the duration of the effect. • Turncoat itself causes NO damage to affected units, however, any damage they take while the unit is under the influence of Turncoat is equally shared with the unit which applied the effect to them.

Drone Functionality

  • The H.I.V.E. Boss is able to produce 3 Types of Drones depending on the Enemy Unit's Class.

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