• Infamy is gained by attacking player bases and leaving their defenses in ruins.
  • Infamy is an indicator of a player’s skill, and is gained by attacking the top brass.
  • Commanders with a high amount of Infamy truly distinguish themselves from the rest.
  • Consequently, higher level bases reward more Infamy when taken down.
  • It’s a constant battle to the top - take out the players with the most Infamy and stake your claim on the Leaderboard.
  • Infamy is awarded based on the level of Damage Protection you set on an enemy’s base - 1 Star (50%) will give you some Infamy, 2 Stars (75%) will give you more, and 3 Stars (100%) will give you the maximum amount of Infamy up for grabs.
  • The new Battle HUD will show you the amount of damage caused and which tier of Infamy reward you will receive at the end of battle.
  • Infamy is gained through successful base attacks and is lost through defensive defeats, so be sure to prepare your defenses as well for the possibility of oncoming enemies.

Additional Facts

  • Test your mettle and gain more Infamy by attacking higher level and higher ranked players.
  • Note that if you attack lower level and lower ranked players you will receive less Infamy, so be sure to aim high!
  • The Leaderboard has been redesigned to show the best players based on Infamy.
  • Click on the “Sector Infamy” and “Global Infamy” tabs to see where you stand against the top tier in both your sector and the world!
  • If you’re up for the challenge, you can now “Find” top players in your sector directly from the “Sector Infamy” tab and “Relocate” near top Commanders directly from the “Global Infamy Tab”.

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