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    In order to make for a more balanced and fair game Player Bases are awarded Protection from attacks by Higher or Lower Level Players.

Player Base's

  • Under usual conditions, a player could not be attacked by any other player not within 4 levels lower or higher than him. This rule does not apply during infamy seasons when any player level or higher can be attacked by any other player.
  • Level Protection applies to all Bases owned by "human" Players regardless of his/her Level until both parties have reached Level 30 and above in which case all Restrictions are removed.

Example of Level Protection for Bases :

  • A Level 2 may NOT attack or be attacked by a Level 10. 
  • A Level 35 May be attacked by by a Level 30 and Higher and vice versa.

Player Platoon's

  • Platoons on the World Map are NOT COVERED by Level Protection of any kind.  Therefore any Level of Player may attack and destroy any other Level Player's Platoon.

Resource Deposits

  • Player Controlled Metal/Oil Deposits - Unlike Player Base's a Resource Deposit owned by a Player is NOT COVERED by Level Protection regardless of that Player's Level. Therefore any Level of Player may attack and take control of a Deposit from any other Level of Player.
  • Rogue Controlled Metal/Oil Deposits - Any Level of Player may attack and take control of any size Metal/Oil Deposit, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large or Giant.

Rogue Faction Base's

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    Level Protection is altered when applied to Rogue Faction Bases.  The biggest change is that it is not a protection from attack but rather a protection from Looting.  Any Level of Rogue may be attacked by anyone of any level but there are restrictions on who can receive Resources from that attack. 
  • There is no upper cap. A player may attack and loot any Rogue base that is equal or higher than his/her level without restriction.
  • Cutoff Levels apply to lower Level Rogues.  As a player goes up in Levels they hit cutoff points were they can no longer Loot from Rogues of a certain Level and below. There are 4 of these Cutoff points:

Player Level

Rogue Base Level

Not Protected Protected
1 thru 19 All Levels None
20 thru 24 15 and Above 14 and Lower
25 thru 29 20 and Above 19 and Lower
30 thru ? 21 and Above 20 and Lower


  • The above restrictions not only apply to the Resources but to Special Op's as well.   So any Rogue a player is not able to loot will also not give them a Special Op if the Command Center is destroyed by them.

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  • Why don't level locks work in both directions (IE: If you reserve small/medium thorium to low levels, then why are they allowed to get large/giants)?
    • The locks are to make sure the low level players have at least some possibility of acquiring thorium. The bigger deposits don’t need this same protection. - AMA with WC Design Team


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