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BUILDING DESCRIPTION The Metal Factory (MF) produces the Resource Metal on the Player's Base. MetalFactory(MainPic).png
EFFECTS OF UPGRADE Upgrade to Increases the Rate of Production and the Maximum Capacity it will hold before it must be collected.
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Upgrade Progression

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade
Production Rate Maximum
Time To
Max Capacity
Metal Oil Thorium
1 0 425 0 5m 1 10,000 1h 32m 35s
2 0 1,000 0 10m 1 7,920 / h 50,000 6h 18m 47s
3 0 2,600 0 30m 2 15,120 / h 80,000 5h 17m 27s
4 0 6,600 0 1h 2 28,800 / h 160,000 5h 33m 20s
5 0 16,600 0 2h 3 43,200 / h 200,000 4h 37m 46s
6 0 42,000 0 3h 3 46,800 / h 400,000 8h 32m 49s
7 0 105,000 0 3h 30m 4 50,400 / h 800,000 15h 32m 22s
8 0 260,000 0 4h 4 61,200 / h 1,500,000 1d 00h 30m
9 0 650,000 0 4h 30m 5 64,800 / h 2,400,000 1d 13h 02m
10 0 1,620,000 0 5h 5 90,000 / h 3,600,000 1d 16h 00m
11 0 8,850,000 0 5h 30m 5 108,000 / h 4,800,000 1d 20h 26m
12 0 16,080,000 0 6h 6 126,000 / h 6,000,000 1d 23h 36m
13 0 23,310,000 0 6h 144,000 / h 7,200,000 2d 1h 59m
14 0 30,540,000 0 6h 162,000 / h 8,400,000 2d 3h 51m
15 0 45,000,000 0 6h 180,000 / h 9,600,000 2d 5h 20m
16 0 59,460,000 0 12h 198,000 / h 9,600,000 2d 0h 29m
17 0 73,920,000 0 1d 216,000 / h 9,600,000 1d 20h 26m
18 0 88,380,000 0 1d 12h 234,000 / h 9,600,000 1d 17h 01m
19 0 102,840,000 0 2d 252,000 / h 9,600,000 1d 14h 05m
20 0 117,300,000 0 2d 12h 270,000 / h 9,600,000 1d 11h 33m
Total 0 568,384,225 0 9d 17h 15m

Construction Limits

Metal Factory Construction Limits Per Command Center Level
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
No. of Metal Factories 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5

Upgrade Experience (XP)

Experience Points Awarded per Upgrade Level  ( T )
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
135 157 408 1,055 2,635 9,065 15,870 39,020 96,040 278,840
Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15 Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20
334,800 2,180,800 3,726,800 5,272,800 6,818,800 9,810,800 11,913,600 14,816,400 17,719,200 20,622,000
Total Experience Points = 93,659,225 xp
For More information on this see Experience Points.

States of Repair

100% to 50% Health 49% to 1% Health 0% Health
Metal Factory.gif Metal Factory Damaged.png Metal Factory Destroyed.png

Related Special Ops

18 Wheeler 18Wheeler-Lg.png Tactical Common Increased resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 20% 1d 50,000
Deuce and a Half DueceAndAHalf-Lg.png Tactical Uncommon Increased resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 40% 1d 100,000
Dragonfly Dragonfly-Lg.png Tactical Rare Increased resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 60% 1d 500,000
Jumbo Jet JumboJet-Lg.png Tactical Rare Increased resource generation at Deposits and Producers by 100% 1d 500,000
More Information and a the Full List of Ops available here: Special Ops

Related Missions

Great Gatherer MissionIcon-Resource Respect.png Collect Metal and Oil 2,000 2,000 X X
Resource Renaissance MissionIcon-Resource Respect.png Build another Metal Factory and Oil Pump 2,000 2,000 X X
Pump It Up MissionIcon-LubeJob.png Upgrade your Metal and Oil Producers to Level 2 3,000 3,000 X X
Resource Respect MissionIcon-Resource Respect.png Upgrade your Metal and Oil Producers to Level 3 5,000 5,000 X X
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

Update History

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  • No Further Updates.

Additional Facts

  • To collect a single MF Left Click it and then select the yellow "Collect ##,###" Button.
  • All MF's & Oil Pumps may be collected simultaneously by Left Clicking anyone of the them and selecting "Collect All".
  • The MF does not have to be full to be collected.
  • Once the MF has reached Full Capacity it ceases production until the player physically empties or "Collects" the stored Metal.
    • Reaching full capacity is signified by the halting of the building animation and the displaying of a large red exclamation mark above the factory.
  • Metal must be "Collected" or moved to the Metal Storage building in order to be utilized or "spent" by the player.
    • If there is insufficient room in the storage to hold all the currently produced metal only a partial portion will be transferred leaving the remaining amount in the MF.
  • The player receives XP for the all metal produced by the MF at the time it is collected.
    • The XP amount is calculated as follows : 1 xp per every 50 metal collected.



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MASTER OF METAL - Outstanding work, Commander. Your Level 10 Metal Factory is now fully operational. Isn't the smell of fiery metal sweet?
  — Level 10 Message [src]

TITLE - Level Message.
  — Level ? Message 

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