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The Highway Zealots are back, and this time they plan to finish their World Map cleansing at all costs. Mysterious Desert Compounds have begun to appear all over the World Map, and the Zealots plan to dig up powerful artifacts that when combined, can end the world as we know it! Your mission is simple: defend against incoming Zealot forces, then hunt and destroy their Outposts and Desert Compounds before it’s too late! Put a halt to the Zealots’ evil plans -- the fate of the world depends on it!
  — Kixeye 


Operation: Desert Recon is War Commander's 20th Special Event. As with previous Events, Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly difficult stages of battle against a Rogue Faction. For each successful stage completed the Player is awarded Event Experience Points which may be used to purchase Special Event Units from the Event Shop that are otherwise not obtainable.

Event Information

EVENT STARTS Nov 21, 2013 Depending on the Sector
EVENT ENDS Nov 27, 2013 Depending on the Sector
TYPE Hybrid Attack and Defense Waves
ANTAGONIST Highway Zealot Unknown
LENGTH 6 days Event Store open additional 48 Hour
NUMBER OF STAGES Infinite As many Waves as the Player can Complete
BONUS XP STAGES Yes Fortress Waves with Chances For XP Bonuses
XP PER STAGE Progressive Starts at 700 xp and Increases with each Wave

New Event Prizes

New Event Shop Prizes
Unit Experience Required Unlocking Requirements Classification
Viper 45,000 xp Level 10Academy Infantry
Warhead Laucher 34,000 xp Mega Tank Component
Viper-EventShop-Info.png WarheadLauncher(EventShopInfo)1st.png
Sale Prizes
Unit Reg XP Cost Sale XP Cost Unlocking Requirements Classification
Kondor - Last Chance 38,500 xp 11,550 xp Raptor Aircraft
Gatling Truck Schematic 34,000 xp 17,000 xp Gatling Truck Schematic
Suicide Truck - Elite 22,000 xp 8,800 xp Suicide Truck Vehicle
Plasma Turret 22,500 xp 18,000 xp Level 6 Defense Lab Turret
Unavailable this Event: Spectre, Crusader & FAV Schematic.

General How To Play

Once in, defend yourself from the Zealots’ offensive by hitting the "Start" button. After some successful defense campaigns, launch a counter assault on Zealots’ Outposts by heading to the World Map and hunting for an Outpost base; you will be shown the minimum level Outpost you can attack in the UI above the event banner. Clicking on the “Find Target” tab in the event banner will search for Outposts near you. Occasionally, you will need to seek out powerful Desert Compounds. These Compounds are unlike anything you have ever seen before, well-defended by forces constantly spawning from the Barracks and War Factories. Bonus XP can be gained by destroying Excavators before the bonus timer runs out! Plot your strategy and execute quickly, as Desert Compounds reset after an hour and thirty minutes. Defeat incoming waves of enemies and launch your own assault to earn XP and win powerful new prizes!

Note - When hunting for an Outpost you can’t attack Desert Compounds, and vice-versa. Also, during defense waves you can attack both base types, but will NOT gain XP.

Detailed Play Information

  • Defense Waves
    • Successful Defense- The Player's Base is considered successfully defended when all attacking Rogue Units have been eliminated while preventing the Player's Command Center from being destroyed.
    • Repeatable Waves -  The Player must repeat any stage in which the Command Center is destroyed in order to move on to the next Wave.
    • Surrender -  The Player may surrender a defense Wave at any time during the Rogue Attack. After which the Player may then Repair and Adjust the Base Defenses and restart that Wave from the beginning.
    • 360 Deg. Defense - The Rogue Faction may attack the Player's Base from any direction. This is also true for each repeated Wave.
  • Standard Attack Waves ( Outpost Waves )
    • Outposts - For this Event the Standard Attack Waves are called Outpost Waves & the Event Bases are called Outposts.
    • Outpost Hunt - Upon reaching a Outpost Wave, players must search for an Outpost on the World Map. In Later Waves players are required to destroy higher level Outposts.
    • Outpost Level & Layout Choices - Outposts are available in Levels 5,10,15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. Every level may have up to 3 Different Layouts to choose from. As you rise in Waves the minimum Level of Outpost a Player may attack is increased. 
    • Outpost Wave Completed - To complete a Outpost Wave the Player must Destroy all Buildings and Turrets on the Outpost.
    • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may stop and start an attack on an Outpost as many time as they find necessary to complete the Outpost.
    • Unlimited Time - There is NO Time Limit for completing an Outpost Wave.
    • Ever 4th Wave - A attack wave comes every 4th wave with 3 out of 4 being attacks on an Outpost.
  • Fortress Waves ( Desert Compound Waves )
    • Desert Compound - For this Event the Fortresses ar called Desert Compounds.
    • Desert Compound Hunt - Players must locate a Desert Compound Bases on the World Map.
    • Desert Compound Level Choices - Desert Compounds Levels are available in Levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. As you rise in Waves the minimum Level of Compound a Player may attack is increased.  Unlike Outposts the Compounds only have 1 Layout per Level.
    • 360 Deg. Attack - Players may Attack the Desert Compound from all Directions.
    • 90 Minute Time Limit - Players must completely destroy the Desert Compound to complete Wave. Failure to do so will allow the Desert Compound to completely RESET back to full Health. This Timer is shown in the base's info box on the World Map. The Timer Starts with your first attack on that Desert Compound.
    • Constantly Spawning Units - Desert Compounds have Barracks and War Factories that constantly spawn Units.
    • Bonus XP Targets : Excavators - Desert Compound Waves give the Player a chance to earn Bonus XP by destroying the Bonus XP Targets identified with Bonus Icons above them. However they are only available for the first 5 min of the attack ( Timer on screen ) at which time any undestroyed bonuses will expire. The Wave XP and any Bonus XP are added together and paid out when the desert compound is fully destroyed. If the desert compound is RESET so are the Bonuses.
    • Ever 12th Wave - A Desert Compound must be completed every 12th wave, Wave 12, 24, 36 ......
  • Ending of a Special Event. A Special Event ends in 1 of 2 ways :
    1. The Official Event Clock expires. The event runs for a limited time of 6 days after which time the Special Event Rogue Base will be removed from the World Map and all Waves will be halted.
    2. The Player reaches a Wave that he or she can not successfully Defend or Complete, thus forcing the Player to resign from the Event.

Outpost & Compound XP Chart

Awarded XP per Level
5 700 xp 1,050 xp
10 800 xp 1,200 xp
15 900 xp 1,350 xp
20 1,050 xp 1,575 xp
25 1,200 xp 1,800 xp
30 1,400 xp 2,100 xp
35 1,700 xp 2,550 xp
40 2,200 xp 3,300 xp
Does Not Included Bonus XP

To see all the Outpost & Compound Layouts below.

Event Shop & Prizes

  • Special Event Prizes - As the player acquires XP they may at any time during and up to 48 hours after the end of the event, choose to spend all or a portion of their XP on one or more of the newly introduced Special Event Units in the Event Shop. Also available in the Event Shop are all the past Special Event Units excluding the Locked Special Event Prizes.
  • USE IT OR LOOSE IT - Following the end of the Event:
    • The Event Shop will remain open for 48 Hours.
    • Any unused eXP at the time the Event Shop closes will be lost. 
    • If a Player has no remaining eXP at the end of the Event the Event Shop will close immediately

Additional Information

Outpost & Desert Compound Layouts

Table also list the Maximum Wave Number each Layout may be used to move on & XP per Level.


Level Layout 1 Layout 2 Layout 3 Maximum Wave #
Level 5 Lv05-1.jpg Lv05-2.jpg Lv05-3.jpg Wave 8
Level 10 Lv10-1.jpg Lv10-2.jpg Lv10-3.jpg Wave 20
Level 15 Lv15-1.jpg Lv15-2.jpg Lv15-3.jpg Wave 32
Level 20 Lv20-1.jpg Lv20-2.jpg Lv20-3.jpg Wave 44
Level 25 Lv25-1.jpg Lv25-2.jpg Lv25-3.jpg Wave 56
Level 30 Lv30-1.jpg Lv30-2.jpg Lv15-3.jpg Wave 68
Level 35 Lv35-1.jpg Lv35-2.jpg Lv35-3.jpg Wave 80
Level 40 Outpost 40 - 1.jpg Outpost 40 - 2.jpg Lv40-3.jpg Wave ??
Level Layout 1 Layout 2 Layout 3 Maximum Wave #
Level 5 CPL-Lv-5.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 12
Level 10 CPL-Lv-10.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 24
Level 15 CPL-Lv-15.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 36
Level 20 CPL-Lv-20.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 48
Level 25 CPL-Lv-25.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 60
Level 30 30.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 72
Level 35 35.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave 84
Level 40 40.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg CPL-Lv-None.jpg Wave ??

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Known Event Bugs

Listed here are bugs that have been identified with this Unit. Once fixed each issue will be moved to Resolved.

Existing Known Bugs :

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Highway Zealot scripture states that the first inhabitants of Earth buried ancient relics that, when combined, held the power to end entire civilizations. Is it possible for the doctrine to become a reality? Hope for the best, Commander - but prepare for the worst.
  — R.U.B.I. 

Desert Compounds functioning as dig sites have begun to appear all over the World Map. The collection of these artifacts is the final step i the Highway Zealot's strategy to cleanse the earth of the unrighteous. Hunt the Zealots down Commander.
  — 2nd Description 

The Highway Zealot's plan is dangerously close to complete. Hit the World Map and hunt down Outposts and Desert Compounds while there's still time. Operation: Desert Recon begins in less than 24 hours. Best of luck Commander!
  — 3rd Description 




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