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Operation: Hellfire is the 5th Special Event to be presented in War Commander.
In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each objective in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.
The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event Information

EVENT STARTS July 26, 2012 Operation: Warhawk
- Event Extended 24 hrs -
EVENT ENDS July 31, 2012
EVENT NUMBER 5 23 Days since last Special Event
EVENT CLASS Attack Attack Event Bases while protecting against defending Aircraft.
ANTAGONIST Verkraft Commanded By : Dr. Heinrich von Kruger
EVENT DURATION 5 Days July 26 @ 9:00 am through July 30 @ 9:00 am PDT
EVENT PROGRESSION None A Player may attack as many Event Bases as they wish, time allowing.
eXP SYSTEM eXP for Event Base Players are awarded eXP for the successful completion of an Event Base.
BONUS eXP No There is NO Bonus System in this Event.
PLAYER ASSISTANCE Yes Players may receive assistance from Friendly Commanders.
NOTABLE EVENT FEATURES Tech Capture Players must Destroy CC to collect and then extract Rocket Schematics

New Event Prizes

Hellfire 2,250 xp Challenger Vehicle
Elite Hellfire 3,375 xp Hellfire Vehicle

Detailed Play Information

  • Attack Waves :
    • Special Event Base  - For each Attack Wave the Player may choose their target from 5 different levels of Verkraft Bases.  
    • Event Base Choices - There are 5 Levels of Event Bases : Level 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30.
    • Event Base Choices - eXP is awarded based on the Level of Event Base completed. See table below for complete listing.
    • Event Task - The Player must destroy enough of the Event Base's defenses to allow for the successful extraction of the Rocket Schematic.
      • The Rocket Schematic is found in the ruins of the Rocket Research Building ( Command Center ). 
      • Destroying the Rocket Research Building will expose the Rocket Schematic freeing it up to be collected.
      • The Rocket Schematic may be collected by any Ground Unit , vehicle or infantry.
      • Once collected the Ground Unit carrying the Rocket Schematic must then retreat out of the Red Zone to complete the extraction.
      • If the Ground Unit carrying the Rocket Schematic is destroyed the the schematic is dropped and must be collected by another ground unit at that spot.
    • Successful Attack - An attack on a Special Event Base is considered successful when the Rocket Schematic piece has been collected and extracted out of the Red Zone. 
    • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may attack each Special Event Base as many times as necessary to complete the task of Extraction.
  • Ending of a Special Event. A Special Event ends in 1 of 3 ways:
    1. The Official Event Clock expires.
    2. The Player reaches a Wave in which they can not successfully extract the Hellfire Schematic piece, thus forcing the Player to resign from the event.
    3. The Player successfully earns enough eXP to Unlock all the Event Prizes. 

eXP Payouts

eXP VALUE 7 xp 15 xp 30 xp 75 xp 200 xp

States of Repair - Event Command Center

Hellfire-CC-5-Full Hellfire-CC-5-Damaged Hellfire-CC-5-Destroyed
100% - 50% Health 49% - 1% Health 0% Health

Additional Information

  • Operation: Hellfire introduced a new Rogue Faction called the Verkraft.
  • Operation: Hellfire was a all Attack Event.
    • Commanders are required to Collect parts of the Hellfire Schematic from the ruins of the Event Base Command Center
  • Operation: Hellfire event bases have a unique Command Center also known as the Rocket Research Building.
    • There are five versions of the Rocket Research Building. One for each level of the event base. 
  • A Player may choose to continue attacking Event Bases after unlocking the Elite Hellfire in order to increase their Leaderboard Standing.
    • Attacking is allowed throughout the Events duration.
  • Player may receive assistance from Friendly Commanders.  The Assistance may include
    • Destruction of some or all of the defenses on a Event Base
    • The partial extraction of the Rocket Schematic. The Player wishing to receive the eXP must however be the one to take the schematic out of the Red Zone.
  • Event Bases of all Levels spawn on the World Map thought the duration of the Event.   All Event Bases are accessible by all Players.


  • Many adjustments were made to Operation: Hellfire after it began including adjusting the difficulty and increasing the XP amount awarded for completing a Level 30 Event Base from 150 xp to 200 xp.
  • On the Second day of Operation: Hellfire the XP Amounts for completing all Levels of Event Bases were increased for Lower and Mid Level Players.

Event Firsts & Records

  • War Commander Firsts :
  • Special Event Prize Firsts :
  • Special Event Firsts :
    • First Special Event requiring the Extraction of an Object from the Event Base Command Center -
      • Operation: Hellfire / Rocket Schematic
    • First post World Map Special Event with unique Event Bases - Operation: Hellfire
    • First Special Event to spawn Event Bases on the World Map - Operation: Hellfire / Verkraft Bases
    • First Special Event a unique event only Command Center - Operation: Hellfire / The Rocket Research Building
    • First Special Event an animated Command Center - Operation: Hellfire / The Rocket Research Building
    • First Event Bases not required to be fully destroyed to be completed - Operation: Hellfire / Verkraft Event Bases
    • First Special Event to award different XP amounts based on Player Level Operation: Hellfire

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Click Expand to View Additional Quotes

Commander, a new Rogue Faction called Verkraft has begun construction on numerous bases scattered around your perimeter. Led by rocket science Dr. Heinrich von Kruger, each of these bases appears to be housing a rocket capable of large-scale destruction. We must level these Verkraft bases and capture Dr. Kruger's rocket schematics before he goes too far. The battle begins July 26th. Can we count on you?
  — R.U.B.I. Facebook Announcement 

Verkraft bases are nearing completion and Dr. Kruger's rockets are pointed your way. Remember, you need to hit each Verkraft base and get out alive with Dr. Kruger's rocket schematics. If you succeed the Hellfire Tank will be yours. Good luck, Commander.
  — Youtube - Operation: Hellfire 

Commander, recent intelligence suggests a new Rogue Faction has begun building a number of bases surrounding the perimeter. Aerial photography shows each of these bases is housing some sort of weapon that doesn't register with our systems. Because our information is still unclear, we need to be prepared for anything. Will you be ready for action?
  — Event Message #1 

Commander, we've received updated intel. It seems this group is calling themselves Verkraft - a heavily armed and alarmingly well orginized Rogue Faction. Their leader, Dr. Heinrich von Kruger, is the evil scientific genius that created the plans for the Verkraft Rocket, capable of leveling any base from miles away. Our missin is to destroy these base and .....( missing end of Quote!!
  — Event Message #2 

Don't stop now, Commander! The Verkraft bases aren't going to demolish themselves and Dr. Kruger's still out for blood. Keep up the destruction and the Hellfire will be yours!
  — Event Instructions 

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Operation Hellfire

Operation Hellfire

Operation Hellfire  •  Released : Jul 25, 2012  •  Official Kixeye Video

War Commander - Operartion Hellfire LV 30 Base

War Commander - Operartion Hellfire LV 30 Base

Lv 30 Base  •  Released : Jul 26, 2012  •  User Video


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