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Operation: Warhawk is the 3rd Special Event to be presented in War Commander.
In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each objective in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.
The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event Information

EVENT STARTS May 30, 2012 Operation: Warhawk
EVENT ENDS June 04, 2012
EVENT NUMBER 3 13 weeks since last Special Event
EVENT CLASS Seize Commanders gain eXP for Seizing Deposits on World Map
ANTAGONIST NONE There is no Antagonist for this Event.
EVENT DURATION 5 Days May 30 @ 9:00 am through Jun 04 @ 12:00 am
EVENT PROGRESSION 100 Deposit Maximum Capturing Higher Level Deposits Reduces Number of Waves Required
eXP SYSTEM eXP for Deposits The Player is awared eXP for each unique Depost they capture.
BONUS eXP No There is NO Bonus System in this Event.
PLAYER ASSISTANCE Yes Players may receive assistance from Friendly Commanders.
NOTABLE EVENT FEATURES Deposit Capture Capture Rogue or Enemy Player's Resource Deposits

New Event Prizes

Attack Dog 100 xp Flamethrower Infantry
Warhawk 1,000 xp Thunderbolt Aircraft
Elite Warhawk 2,000 xp Warhawk Aircraft

Detailed Play Information

  • Capture Deposit :
    • Resource Deposit  -
    • Successful Capture - Warhawk-Captured-Checkbox
      • An Resource Deposit is considered successfully captured when all the Buildings ( with the exception of the Barricades) found within are completely destroyed.
    • Qualifying Deposits - Warhawk-Available-Checkbox
      • The Player may Seize any Resource Deposit owned by a Rogue Faction , Enemy Player or Friend.
      • The Player may only be awarded for Seizing an individual Resource Deposit 1 Time during Operation: Warhawk.
      • The Player does NOT loose eXP for any Deposits seized by other players.
    • Unlimited Attacks -
      • The Player may attack each Resource Deposit as many times as necessary to completely destroy the Deposit.
    • eXP Awards -
      • The eXP awarded for the successful capture of a Resource Deposit is dependent on the size of the Deposit.


eXP Award Amounts

TINY 20 xp X  /  X
SMALL 35 xp X  /  X
MEDIUM 60 xp X  /  X
LARGE 100 xp X  /  X
GIANT 150 xp X  /  X
eXP Only Awarded for Capturing a Deposit One Time.

Additional Information

  • Operation: Warhawk was the first Special Event to use eXP, however, unlike latter Events Prizes where not exchanged for eXP.  Instead the eXP was uses as a progress indicator with Prizes being Unlocked as specific amounts of eXP were passed.

Event Firsts & Records

  • Special Event Prize Firsts :
    • First Infantry Special Event Prize  - Attack Dog - Operation: Warhawk
    • First Aircraft Special Event Prize - Warhawk - Operation: Warhawk
    • First Elite Special Event Prize  - Elite Warhawk - Operation: Warhawk
    • First Elite Aircraft Special Event Prize  - Elite Warhawk - Operation: Warhawk
  • General Special Event Firsts :
    • First Special Event Post World Map Introduction - Operation: Warhawk
    • First Special Event To Use eXP - Operation: Warhawk
    • First Special Event To Award Multiple Prizes - Operation: Warhawk
    • First Special Event Prizes From Two Unit Categories - Operation: Warhawk
  • Special Event Records :
    • The Only Seize Class Special Event - Operation: Warhawk
    • The Only Special Event Without A Rogue Antagonist - Operation: Warhawk
    • The Only Special Event To Utilize Resource Deposits - Operation: Warhawk
    • The Only Special Event With An Option To Attack Other Players - Operation: Warhawk

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Click Expand to View Additional Quotes

Technology, Commander, is what separates us from the animals. To maintain our edge, we must hone the efficiency with which we kill. A recent communication interception has given us insight into new units that promise the upper hand that we need to survive. Prove yourself worthy of wielding such power by taking over Resource Deposits on the World Map. Operation: Warhawk begins at 9 a.m. PST on May 30th. A good bloodbath is the only true victory.
  — R.U.B.I. Facebook Announcement 

Commander, I've intercepted some encrypted messages between two Rogue Factions. I'll need to review them to be certain, but it appears they've discovered a new ground unit as well as new aircraft. I'll need time to crack the database, but of course, I'll succeed. The question is, are you ready for what I might find?
  — Event Message #1 

Bravo, Commander. I've tested your mettle, and you've proved yourself worthy of these new tools of destruction. You should visit the Leaderboard to compare your progress to other players and continue to fight for dominance on the World Map.
  — Event Message - Objectives Complete 

Commander, a good leader's worth is measured by the blood they shed. Prove you deserve these instruments of war by taking over resource deposits and reap the rewards.
  — Event Instructions 

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Operation Warhawk

Operation Warhawk

Operation: Warhawk  •  Released : May 30, 2012
Official Kixeye Video

War Commander. 2012 Warhawk event. Two bases captured

War Commander. 2012 Warhawk event. Two bases captured.

Deposit Seized  •  Released : Aug 3, 2012  •  User Video


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