General Description

  • Units are one of War Commander's core features that are included in the game. Units are used commonly as assets to attack PvE or PvP Bases.
  • Units are divided into 3 Categories, which are :
    • Active Units: Units that are currently playable in War Commander. Includes units that have a Restricted Availability
    • Special Units: Units that appear in War Commander and may in some circumstances be playable but may NOT be unlocked or produced by the Player.
    • Retired Units: Units that were previously playable but have been completely removed from the game and therefore are no longer available for use by Players or Rogue Factions.

 Active Units

Standard Aircraft :

Faction Aircraft :

Special Forces Aircraft :

PvP Only Aircraft :


Standard Infantry :

Faction Infantry :

Special Forces Infantry :

Other Single Use Infantry

Standard Vehicles :

Faction Vehicles :

Special Forces Vehicles :

PvP Only Vehicles :

Other Single Use Vehicles

Special Units

Conditional or Rogue Use :

Special Ops Only :

Non-Playable Units :


Retired Units

Occasionally a Unit will be retired and completely removed from the game. When this happens Players and Rogue Factions may no longer produce, upgrade or use this unit in War Commander.

Unit Related Buildings

Related Missions

Training Day MissionIcon-Training Day Train 5 Units of any kind 3,000 3,000 X X
Make it Rain MissionIcon-MakeItRain Unlock Mortar Teams 4,000 4,000 X X
Rifling Feathers MissionIcon-Rifling Feathers Upgrade Rifleman to Level 2 5,000 5,000 X X
Silent But Deadly MissionIcon-Silent But Deadly Unlock Snipers 5,000 5,000 X X
Make a Sacrifice MissionIcon-Make a Sacrifice Unlock Suicide Bombers 8,000 6,000 X X
Death Match! MissionIcon-Death Match! Unlock Hercules 8,000 6,000 X X
Light It Up! MissionIcon-Light It Up! Unlock Flame Throwers 10,000 5,000 X X
Iron Man MissionIcon-Death Match! Upgrade Hercules to Level 10 3,000,000 3,000,000 X X
Double the Fun MissionIcon-Search and Destroy Train 2 Jackrabbits 2,000 4,000 X X
Search and Destroy MissionIcon-Search and Destroy Unlock Jackrabbits 5,000 5,000 X X
Hit and Run MissionIcon-Hit and Run Unlock Rocket Buggies 5,000 5,000 X X
Old Faithful MissionIcon-Old Faithful Unlock Humvees 5,000 5,000 X X
Razor's Edge MissionIcon-Razor's Edge Unlock Razorbacks 5,000 5,000 X X
Herd from Hell MissionIcon-Herd form Hell Unlock Rhinos 10,000 8,000 X X
Get Tanked MissionIcon-Get Tanked Unlock Paladins 12,000 10,000 X X
Thicker Skin MissionIcon-Thicker Skin Unlock Challenger 20,000 20,000 X X
Explosive Personality MissionIcon-Explosive Personality Unlock Suicide Truck 25,000 25,000 X X
This Dog Bites MissionIcon-This Dog Bites Unlock Mega Tanks 100,000 100,000 X X
Blow Stuff Up MissionIcon-This Dog Bites Upgrade Mega Tanks to Level 10 3,000,000 3,000,000 X X
Attack of the Drones MissionIcon-Attack of the Drones Unlock Wing Drones 8,000 6,000 X X
Drone Combat MissionIcon-Drone Combat Unlock Copter Drones 8,000 6,000 X X
Silent Thunder MissionIcon-Silent Thunder Unlock Thunderbolts 8,000 6,000 X X
Cobra Command MissionIcon-Cobra Command Unlock Cobras 14,000 12,000 X X
Target Locked MissionIcon-Target Locked Unlock Raptors 40,000 40,000 X X
Target Destroyed MissionIcon-Target Locked Upgrade Raptors to Level 10 3,000,000 3,000,000 X X

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Zombie    Walker Zombie    Runner Zombie     Leaping Zombie    Zombie Boss    Armored Zombie Boss    Boomer Zombie    Spitter Zombie    Flaming Zombie    Rocket Zombie    Zombie Nemesis    Flying Devil    Zombie Fresh    Zombie Crawler    Zombie Fresh Crawler    Sleeper Zombie    Zombie Dog
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UH-60 Chopper ( Unreleased )
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