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Basic Info

Shadow Ops consists of 4 Parts:

  • TIER - Consists of a Mission to gather a specific amount of Point.
    • To complete a Tier the Player must acquire the specified amount of Points for that Tier.
    • Upon the completion of a Tier the Player is awarded a Prize from that Tier's Arms Cache.
  • PHASE - Consists of 3 TIERS
    • A new Phase will start weekly, becoming available every Friday. ( Excluding Fridays during an active Special Event ).
    • Each Phase will be active and available to be Started for a period of 6 days 20 hours.
    • A Player may Start the active Phase at any time within this active period.
    • A Phase, once Started, must be completed in a maximum of 72 hours ( 3 days ).
    • To Complete a Phase all three Tiers must be completed within the 72 hour period.
    • Upon the completion of a Phase the player is awarded with
  • CYCLE - Consists of 3 to 4 PHASES
    • Each Cycle last for 3 to 4 weeks with new Phase starting each week.
    • A new Cycle will started monthly, with the first Phase becoming available on the first Friday of that month.
  • CAMPAIGN - Consists of 10 PHASES
    • Each Campaign consists of 10 Phases.
    • To complete a Campaign the Player must complete 8 of the 10 Phases for that Campaign.
    • Upon the successful completion of a Campaign the Player is awared a special Unique Prize.


Tiered Prize System

Standard Shadow Op Mission

  • Prizes will be organized into 3 progressively more rewarding Tiers. ( See Shadow Op Prizes Below )
  • Once a Player has enough Points from a Tier they will be rewarded with an Arms Cache.
  • The higher the Tier completed the better the quality of Arms Cache awarded thus increasing the chance of receiving an Uncommon or Rare component.
    • Tier 1 : Bronze Cache  ArmsCache-Bronze-Lg.png
      • Good chance for a Uncommon component
      • Small chance for a Rare component
    • Tier 2 : Silver Cache  ArmsCache-Silver-Lg.png
      • Great chance for a Uncommon component
      • Decent chance for a Rare component
    • Tier 3 : Gold Cache  ArmsCache-Gold-Lg.png
      • Guaranteed chance for a Uncommon component ( or Better )
      • Good chance for a Rare component
  • The Points needed to complete each Tier are as follows:
    • Tier 1 = 500 Points
    • Tier 2 = 1,000 Points
    • Tier 3 = 8,000 Points
  • Upon Completing all 3 Tiers of a Phase the Player is awarded with the following:

Covert Strike Missions

  • Each Phase is may be repeated up to 5 times to earn additional Arms Cache Prizes.
    • Each repeat of a Phase increases the required points for each Tier as follows :
      • Tier 1 = 500 Points + 1,000 Points per Replay
      • Tier 2 = 1,000 Points + 3,000 Points per Replay
      • Tier 3 = 8,000 Points + 4,000 Points per Replay
    • An additional Campaign Prize Parts may or may not be awarded for each successfully completed repeat of a Phase.
      • Check current campaign forum thread Campaign Prize Part status ( see External Links )
    • NO additional Special Event Damage Buff percentage is award for repeated Phases.
  • All Phase repeats must be started and completed within the normal active phase time of 6 days 20 hours.
    • Once started, a repeat phase must also be completed within 72 hours.


Shadow Op Prizes


Template:Shadow Ops Prizes - C44

Shadow Op Campaign Prize


ShadowOps-worldmap icon.png  PRIZE FOR SHADOW OPS CAMPAIGN # 15 : Hidden in Darkness   ShadowOps-worldmap icon.png
DATES AVAILABLE : Feb 02, 2018 thru --
Complete 8 of 10 Phases of the Campaign to Unlock

Shadow Op Prize History

For a complete list of Prizes offered in previous Cycles and Campaigns see Past Shadow Ops Prizes

Special Event Damage Buff

Completing Shadow Op Phases will also award the Player with up to 4 Special Event Damage Buff that will be applied to the Player during the next Special Event.

  • The Player receives a The Shadow Ops Damage Buff for every Phase Completed prior to the start of the Special Event.
  • The Shadow Ops Damage Buffs are Stackable : 2% per Tier for a possible Total of 8%.
  • The Shadow Ops Damage Buffs are only valid for the next Special Event and NOT any subsequent Events.
  • The Shadow Ops Damage Buffs are applied to all the Players Units both Attacking & Defending.


Rogue Shadow Op's Target Base Info



  • There are 4 Levels of Target Bases available as Shadow Ops Targets each providing a specific amount of Points upon its destruction.
    • Level 20 = 250 Points
    • Level 45 = 1,000 Points
    • Level 70 = 4,000 Points
  • When a Shadow Op has been started the Shadow Op Icon (ShadowOps-worldmap icon.png) will appear above the valid Target Bases on the World Map.
    • When NO Shadow Op is currently active the NO Icon will be present and the Target Bases may be attacked and looted just as any other Rogue Faction Base.
  • All three Shadow Ops Target Base Levels may be completed for Points by any Level of Player.
    • Resources  - Standard Level Protection applies for the Looting of Resources from Target Levels normally too low for the Player, meaning NO Resources will be awarded during the attack or for the after attack Resource Bonus Draw.
    • Special Ops  - All Levels of Players may still receive a Special Op after completing any Level of Target Base for the Resource Bonus Draw. However, the player will not see this happen on screen, the Special Op will just be added to there Special Op Storage without any notification ( If the storage is not already full ).
  • The Level 20 Target Base is Level Locked.
    • Only Levels 34 and Below may attack these bases.
  • The Recon Satellite may be used to locate an available Shadow Op Target Base
    • The Recon Satellite will show the Shadow Op Target Base nearest to the Players Base.
    • Requires a Phase to be started.
    • Once you attacked Level 10 Shadow Ops base, the recon satellite or attack button will send you the another same level base.

Rogue Target Base Layouts

Layout # Layout Layout Info / Notes Map Icon
Layout #1
  • Required to Complete : All Buildings
  • Level Locked : For Lv 34 and below
  • Time Limit : 2h 59m
  • Valid as of Feb 02, 2018
Layout # Layout Layout Info / Notes Map Icon
Layout #1
1,000 POINTS
  • Required to Complete : All Buildings
  • Time Limit : 60 Minutes
  • Valid as of Feb 02, 2018
Layout # Layout Layout Info / Notes Map Icon
Layout #1
4,000 POINTS
  • Required to Complete : All Buildings
  • Time Limit : 15 Minutes
  • Valid as of Feb 02, 2018
Click a Layout Image to see FULL SIZE version
Layout # Layout Layout Info / Notes Map Icon
Layout #1
8,000 POINTS
  • Required to Complete - All Units
  • Time Limit : 7 Minutes
  • Valid as of Feb 02, 2018
Click a Layout Image to see FULL SIZE version    For more info on this base see : Siege Squadron Boss Base

Cycle & Campaign History

To view the complete Cycle & Campaign History please see the following page : Shadow Ops History

Shadow Op Update History

Listed in Reverse Chronological Order -- Click [ Expand ] to View Earliest Updates

  • No Further Updates.

Additional Info

  • Operation: Iron March marked the first time the Shadow Op's Damage Bonus was used in a Special Event.
  • The Campaign function was introduced with the start of the 2nd Cycle of Shadow Ops.
  • Now player can get the thorium by completing a tier instead of getting the medals.


  • Covert Strike! - Phases became repeatable to gain additional Tier Prizes.
    • Repeatable began with the 2nd Phase of Cycle 12 which started on Jun 05, 2015.
    • Originally Only additional Tier Prizes were available. No additional Campaign Prize Parts or Damage Bonuses were given for repeating phases.
    • Additional Campaign Prize parts were added to the list of repeatable prizes starting with 2nd Phase of Cycle 13 which began on Jul 03, 2015. ref
  • Shadow Ops is very similar to the Battle Pirates weekly event Forsaken Mission .
  • You can not deploy Mercenary Mech on the northeast highland in Sentinel Level 45, although it is clear for them to land.
  • The player may need at least Level 10 Rank Specialist to play Shadow Ops.
  • Tier 3 in Shadow Ops will first reward prizes you do not yet own - there is no set order for when these prizes are rewarded just as long as you don't own them yet. Once you've unlocked everything in tier 3 at least once, you will then be awarded duplicate prizes.


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It's time to execute a Covert Strike! Your intelligence forces have made a breakthrough. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to execute tougher Shadow Ops missions to reap additional spoils of war. If you aren't up to the task yet, you can continue to embark on Shadow Ops missions each week as normal.
  — Introducing Shadow Ops: Covert Strike! [src]

Introducing Shadow Ops - the newest way to prove you're the king of the battlefield! Your informant will alert you each week when a new mission is available. Think you're up for the challenge?
  — Kixeye Announcement 

Commander, my intel confirms that the Armored Corps are on the move. You must weaken their forces while there is still time. Earn prizes by destroying targets with this mark on the World Map.
  — In-Game Description 

Additional Quote
  — In-Game Description 

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  • I am doing the Shadow Ops phases to get the elite titan; will there be any more new units (including elite versions of already existing units) offered in future phases; and also, will the prizes in tiers 1 or 2 ever be switched out?
  • Will you be creating level 30 and 35 bases for shadow ops?

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