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Shock is a status effect. It will bring the following

  • All Affected Targets are unable to Move or Fire Weapons for the duration of the Effect.
  • No direct Damage to the Target is caused by this Effect itself.
  • Targets must be Directly Hit or Splashed to be affected, no Area of Effect ( AoE ) is created.
  • Size = The Duration the Target will suffer the Effect. 
  • Additional Hits to a already affected Target will reset the Effect's Duration Countdown.

Full List

Shock-ICON  Shock (Stun)  Shock-ICON
Renders All Affected Unable to Move or Fire Weapons
Caused By :

Applies to offensive units when the Special OPS is active

Units / Turrets Affected :

Does not include turrets placed on insulated platform and Shock Turret

Units / Turrets Immune :


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