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  • Stealth is the ability of a Unit to cloak itself using special technology in order to conceal its position and movements from the enemy.
    • Stealth remains active and in effect while the unit is moving or targeting an enemy unit or structure.
    • Stealth is disabled and the unit is uncloaked while in gauging in an attack or defense and is actively firing a weapon.
    • Stealth is re-activated upon the unit ceasing all weapon fire.
      • Several seconds are required to re-activate and re-cloak once shooting stops.
  • Stealth will be uncloaked when there is an enemy unit/structure nearby, which will force the unit out of cloak. This includes enemies that are in cloak.

Stealth Capable Units

Infiltrator Infiltrator-MainPic Infantry / Special Froces Operation: Nighthawk ( Jul 23, 2015 )
Infiltrator Leader InfiltratorLeader-MainPic Infantry / Special Froces Operation: Nighthawk ( Jul 23, 2015 )
Phantom Phantom-MainPic Aircraft Shadow Ops Campaign #4 - Assimilation ( May 01, 2015 )
Sarkis Sarkis-MainPic Infantry / Special Forces Shadow Ops Campaign #5 - Phantom Operative ( Jul 31, 2015 )
Cyclone Cyclone-MainPic Aircraft / Special Forces Operation: Night's End ( Oct 22th, 2015 )
Night Owl Nigh Owl preview Aircraft / Drone Operation: Night's End ( Oct 22th, 2015 )
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Detecting Cloaked Units

A few situations will cause a Unit is Stealth mode to be detected by the enemy defenses without the Stealth unit engaging in fight.

  • Land Mine Proximity :
    • Any ground unit in Stealth mode standing close to Land Mines will become visible. Only the closest unit will become visible while all other units in the squad will remain in stealth.
  • Structure & Unit Proximity :
    • When Cloaked units approach Buildings or Defense Units, a gray indicator will be seen at the foot of the structure or unit. This indicator is displaying how close a cloaked unit can get to the target without being noticed.
    • Once noticed, a red ( StealthDetection-ICON ) icon will be placed over the Units or Building exposing the Stealth units.


Each of the Unit Commands have a slightly different effect on a Stealth unit.

  • Fire at Will :
    • Under this command, Stealth units will fire and become visible at their maximum range while hunting down threats.
    • Units will re-cloak when all enemies are eliminated or move out of its aggressive range.
  • Hold Position :
    • Under this command, Stealth units will only fire on targets within range and will not chase after them.
    • Units will hold their position and re-stealth when the threat has been eliminated or move out of range.
  • No Command Issued :
    • Under this command, Stealth units will only fire when discovered by an approaching unit in close proximity.
    • Units will follow enemy threats to a certain extent, then return to their original location re-stealthing.

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