• Flame Grate :
    • Flame Grates are ground defense structures that, when enabled, emit a burst of Fire.
    • The Flame Grate Defenses are comprised of two parts: The Control Building & The Flame Grates themselves.
    • The Flame Grate :
      • Grids imbedded in the ground that emit a periodic burst of flames capable of damaging ground units passing over them.
      • Flame Grates can be in 1 of 3 states :
        • "OFF" - A dormant state allowing for safe crossing.
        • "ON" - A charging state indicated by a glowing red light. ( Serves as a Warning ).
        • "ACTIVE" - A state in which it is emitting flames.
    • Flame Grate Control Building :
      • Provides the fuel for the Flame Grates.
      • Destroying the Control Building disables all Flame Grates




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