• Hideout Event Base - A Tier may have an Objective which requires the Player to Attack and Fully Destroy an Ryu-Kai Castlet Event Base in order to complete.
  • Hideout Levels - Each Tier with a Hideout Objective will have it's own Level of Hideout Base. For this this event the Hideout Levels are : ?, ? & ?.
  • Hideout Layouts - Each Tier with a Hideout Objective may or may not have Multiple Layouts of that Tier's Level of Hideout. ( For more information see Event Base & Fortress Layouts below ).
  • Hideout Weapon Restrictions - There are NO restrictions on the Units or Special Ops the Player may utilize during the attack.
  • Single Attack Direction - Players may surround a Hideout Base with Platoons to use during the attack, however, regardless of the Platoon's relative position all Units will enter the battle from a single direction. For this event all Units will be deployed from the Southwest.
  • Unlimited Attacks - The Player may start and stop an attack on a Hideout Base as many times as they find necessary to complete the Target providing time remains on the Base Reset Countdown.
  • Hideout Base Completion - A Hideout Base Objective is considered complete when the Player successfully destroys all Buildings, Turrets and Defending Units found within the Hideout.
    ( Does NOT include Drones or Last Stand Defenders ).
  • Base Reset Countdown - The Player must completely destroy a Hideout Base within a set amount of time in order to complete the Objective. This Time Limit is determined by the associated Tier of the Hideout. ( For more information see Tiered Bracket System above ).
  • Non-Exclusive Event Base - To complete a Hideout Objective the Player may attack any Active Hideout Base found on the World Map. In this effort the Player may enlist help in completing the base from Allied Players. However, only the Player destroying the Final Target found within the base will get credit for its completion.



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