aka Troy W.

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Northern California
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is Ex Business Owner
  • I am Male
ScrapMetal Collection(250x250)

Hello everyone! I've recently been made a Admin so if there is anything I can help you with let me know. 

War Commander Game Info :

Kixeye User Name :

Game Screen Name :

  • TroyW

Level :

Clan :

  • None

Sector :

  • 357

Date Started Playing WC :

  • Jan 5th 2013 ??

Fist Event Participated in ( not including Operation: Badger Run ) :

My Sandbox  My Common.js

Game Ideas

Ideas for things I would like to see added or changed in War Commander.

Wiki Pages That Need Creating, Updating or Major Overhaul

Them more I have learned the more I need to go back again and redo things.

Updating or Cleaning:

Need Partial or Complete Overhaul

Proposed or Coming Pages ( Possible )

  • In Game Friends - Diff between Facebook and Kixeye.
  • Player Base
  • Enemy Base ( may be part of Player Base )

Page Tools

Blank Pages, Color Tables, Code Links......

Other WCwiki Related Info

Other Games I'm Playing :

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